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I Hate/Respect Dubstep

As anyone who may know me has probably figured out that I am a self proclaimed music snob. I love to find new music and share it with friends, listen to it in the car and even sing along. I really love music because of the emotion that it can evoke and the way it can fit the context of our lives so beautifully. I feel like I am as open minded to musical experimentation and the creation of artful performances still there is one category that I have struggled to fully comprehend/understand/tolerate.

My first experience with dubstep was a few years ago in Fayetteville, AR (oddly placed dubstep haven), and from that first moment my mind was made up. This was not music, this was audible filth that people wallow in as opposed to dancing to.¬†While I’ll be the first to admit I do have my guilty pleasures as far as music goes this was on a who different spectrum. Harsh, forced, awkward and just overall unpleasant.

From that moment dubstep and I have never seen eye to eye and we probably never will. Still this is art, its not for everyone and that is the point. I have personally struggled with this as I have told myself that someone has to be crazy to really like this stuff, but there is no dancing around the fact that dubstep really does resonate with people. The dubstep tribe has grown exponentially since its inception and even crossed over to the main stream in many regards (i.e. car, cereal and electronics commercials). And from what I understand its even a rather hard form of music to produce with a lot of front end dedication being required. So was it that I didn’t understand it or that I was just being too close-minded to open up? Was I becoming the older generation that said Rock and Roll was an abomination and was the downfall of society, or was I as James Murphy so eloquently put “losing my edge?”

I have really done my best to give dubstep an honest try; I’ve listened to the best of the best in the eyes of the dubstep community and really kept an open mind. I’ve talked to people about it and really worked to find some common ground between dubstep and myself. Sadly this has not been successful in any way shape or form, to me dubstep still sound like robots fighting or martians playing twister it just doesn’t appeal to me and I’m ok with that.

I don’t have to like the art but that doesn’t mean that I cannot respect it. It doesn’t fit on my particular musical taste spectrum and I’m sure that the dubstep community is fine with that. They love every distorted sound and “weird” audio clip as much as I love my trashy French Pop music.

In a weird way I am thankful for dubstep, it has made me more comfortable with myself and more confident in my decisions. I can take a more objective look at music and the world at first glance rather than judging it and throwing what I see into a category and keeping it there. I don’t have to like the music, but I should respect it for what it creates — an emotion, and even though my person emotion is negative it still is doing its job as art.